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About Miracle Communications

Miracle Communications, Inc. is licensed by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in all US states to provide domestic and international long distance retail service for its phone service brands such as Filam Phone Club, Forex Phone Service and Mabuhay Phone Service. The company develops branded prepaid and postpaid long distance service that caters to different ethnic communities in the US while partnering with different companies to target specific niche markets.

It holds a strong market base in the Filipino American community in the US and the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) covering land-based OFW workers and transient OFW workers, such as Filipino seafarers for its long distance postpaid and prepaid services. The company has a customer base of more than 150,000 postpaid subscribers for its different long distance service brands in the US and a growing land-based OFWs and seafarers for its worldwide prepaid phone products.